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Lithium polymer battery

Petrini Cicli bici elettrica batteria a celle ai polimeri di litio

The battery of the Petrini Cicli e-bike uses lithium polymer cells, is completely concealed in the seat post and can be extracted by removing the seat post and charged even at a distance from the bicycle. When the plug concealed underneath the seat is connected to any power socket, the battery is easily charged by means of a device with passive bms, which ensures the longest possible battery lifetime. The battery provides a range of 55 km (estimated) in the urban cycle.

The battery can be extracted with the seat post and easily charged at the first socket available in the home, at any distance from the bike; very lightweight, it can simply be removed and taken anywhere you like.  What’s more, on the LED indicator system on the handlebar display you can check the real residual charge status as well as the power output, with 5 setting levels.